Tips for Summer Hair Care

Tips for Summer Hair Care

summer-haircare-tipsSummer Hair Care Tips

Summer invokes grand thoughts like those of sun-kissed glow and flowing beach waves. Unfortunately, those locks roasting in the sun are incredibly damaging to your hair. Why, you ask? Elements like the sun, wind, and chlorine in the summer can lead to dull and brittle hair.

For the best summer hair, it’s great to adjust your hair routine and take extra precautions. Keeping your hair healthy helps ensure your gorgeous locks this summer. As an added bonus, healthy hair is an indicator of your overall healthy!

Tip #1: Protect Your Hair Before Swimming

I love swimming, but the chlorine found in swimming pools strips hair of its natural protective oils and vital nutrients (you’ve guessed it, this leads to brittle hair). Hence, it’s great to take provisions before you you start swimming. A leave-in-conditioner that helps the hair absorb less harmful chemicals is helpful. From my swimming days, I would never swim without my trusty swim cap!

If you forgot the conditioner, you can try to wet your hair down prior to swimming so that less chlorine water will soak your hair. After you leave poolside, always wash out the chlorine from your hair as soon as possible. The same steps apply for swimming in the ocean as the salt sucks out the water in your hair.

Tip #2: Protect Hair Against Sun & Wind Exposure

While being in the sun is great, I often get sunburned, or feel tenderness on my scalp. Hair can’t undergo intensive sunlight or harsh wind without losing its protective coating. So, bring and wear a hat with UV protection (bucket hats, long floppy hats, whatever you prefer!) whenever you plan to be outside for an extended period of time. summer-loving

Tip #3: Watch Out for At-Home Styling

Who hates humidity? Occasionally, I’ll be tempted to increase straightening or blow drying my hair in the summer to combat humidity. However, excessive heat will leave hair drier and frizzier than before. When it comes to straightening/blow drying, it is extremely important to watch the frequency and heat settings. If you can, let your hair air dry. You can also try tying it back into a loose bun or clipping back sections for a casual look that doesn’t need heat or styling aids.

Tip #4: Fight Against Humidity & Frizz

Humidity is definitely troublesome– you can combat this by using a daily hair smoothing serum. The best smoothing serums for your hair will use light and protective oils like argan oil. Several serum recipes are made with essential oils that do not contain toxic chemicals.

By avoiding summer hair products with harmful chemicals, you can avoid drying or damaging your hair this summer. I like to do this when I get out of the shower, as an extra step to keep my hair shiny and moisturized.

Do you have any tips you’d like to share? Let me know in the comments below!