linda-qian-interviewWith so much emphasis the last few years on accountability, recycling, and greener ingredients for products and ingredients, it’s great to see how companies have restructured their operations to nail these down. That said, I love interviewing inspiring people who make a difference in their professional lives and in the environment. Today, meet Linda Qian, who is a CSR Communications Manager.

Wonderland Organics: Hi Linda, tell us a little about what you do for Intel.

Linda: I manage Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) communications at Intel – I help make sure people know that the way we make our products and run our business is as good as the products themselves. I help set and manage corporate strategy on issues like transparency and reporting, supply chain responsibility, human rights, and environmental sustainability.

Wonderland Organics: This sounds incredibly worthwhile. What’s important about CSR?

Linda: At its most basic level, CSR, also known as sustainability, is about doing the right things the right way. We’re often taught (at least I was) that corporations are big, faceless companies that don’t care about people or the planet. That’s just not true; companies are made up of people who care.

Wonderland Organics: This is an excellent point. The ability to do good things for our environment and society, while still able to make a living shouldn’t be at odds. How did you get involved with sustainability, and why is it important?

Linda: While I was getting my undergraduate degree at U.C. Berkeley, I took a course on CSR, and it just clicked. I knew I wanted the opportunity to do something big and have an impact, and in my day job, I definitely feel like I am making a difference. Actually, one of my key messages when communicating with Intel employees internally is that we can all make a difference, no matter what your title or job role is. linda-qian-interview2

Wonderland Organics: We love this! Making an incredible impact at work is quite rewarding. What is something that we all can do for our environment?

Linda: Before you buy something, take the time to be a conscious consumer. You don’t need to be a sustainability expert to make informed decisions. There are a wealth of resources out there (like the Good Guide app) which can help you make better decisions. What you buy matters.

Wonderland Organics: Thanks for this! As an alpha tester of Wonderland Organics, what is your favorite product?

Linda: I travel a few times every month, so I love the travel size facial oils – I use them before I go to bed, when I wake up, and even after I get off the plane, to rehydrate. Plus, I like knowing that they’re made with pure, high quality ingredients, and that I’m supporting a local woman-owned business.

Wonderland Organics: We love that the facial oils have been so helpful! (Note: Linda has been using our facial oils since August of 2013). What’s your favorite part of the Wonderland Organics blog?

Linda: It’s awesome that I don’t have to spend a ton of money or time on the ideas and DIYs in the Wonderland Organics blog. And I love seeing real people featured – it’s nice to know we all have the same goals, struggles, and beauty habits. 🙂

Thanks to Linda for taking the time to talk to us! What is something that you’ve been inspired to do to help the environment and the people around us? Let us know in the comments below!
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