diy-mini-spaHave any of you been to spas? I used to LOVE going to them in Taiwan. The spas felt like total luxury, with scents of tantalizing essential oil blends in the air, and calming music in the background. In the U.S., I know they can be incredibly expensive.

So what can you do at home, you ask? A mini-spa is relaxing, yet invigorating. A fun but simple routine I like to do once a week is a facial steam, which is simple and effective. First, remove all makeup from your face. For a facial steam, boil enough hot and distilled water, and pour carefully into your most lovely ceramic bowls at home. You then add fresh flowers, herbs, or drops of essential oils into the bowl.

Next, position your face over the bowl, and breathe in deeply. Put the towel so it covers your head and the bowl. (See an example here on Wikihow). Close your eyes, and breathe, enjoying the scents of the facial steam. After ten minutes, remove the towel, and dispose of the water and herbs carefully.

Some of my favorite ingredients are rose petals, lavender buds, peppermint leaves, and green tea leaves. Of course, you can pick and choose, depending on your mood. diy-mini-spa-rosesAs you can see in the photo on the right, I chose to use an herbal tea bag filled with roses! The best part is that the bag is biodegradable, so you can simply dispose of it once you’re done.

After the facial steam, I use a hydrosol as a toner, then one of the Wonderland Organic facial oils on my face and neck. This experience feels amazing– I’m sure you’ll love it as much as I do. Let me know if you’re interested in buying samples of the Wonderland Organic oils!


  • boiled hot water
  • bowl
  • flowers, herbs, or EO (essential oils)
  • towel


  • Be careful of scalding yourselves with the hot water
  • Do this in the morning- it’s an amazing feeling before you start your day

Thanks so much for your input, fellow readers! This blog exists solely for you– as always, feel free to leave comments as to what you’d like to read. Has anyone tried a facial steam? What are your favorite ingredients to use?


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