jenny-cheng-1I love TGI Fridays! My Friday posts have featured inspiring women, either entrepreneurs or doing amazing jobs that are helping the world, a bit at a time.

Today, I’m thrilled to bring to you an interview with Jenny Cheng, whose clothing brand premieres this month!

Wonderland Organics: Jenny, thanks for talking to us today! What inspired you to start your own clothing line?

Jenny: What inspired me to start the Jenny Cheng brand is my desire to create Mini Luxury products for all the amazing ladies in my life whom I love and admire. Imagine this woman who wakes up with a smile every day. She is driven, competitive, but also genuinely compassionate for her friends and the world. She leads a super busy lifestyle, but always makes time to care for other people. These ladies have always inspired me and I wanted to create beautiful things for them – to make their lives easier, richer, and even more beautiful. jenny-cheng-4

Wonderland Organics: That sounds like the women we strive to be! What’s the story behind Jenny Cheng?

Jenny: The story behind Jenny Cheng is quite simple. We want to develop the best product in each fashion category for the modern woman who has an extremely busy lifestyle, a sophisticated taste for understated luxury, and who knows how to enjoy life and all its little surprises.

Wonderland Organics: Simplicity in a busy world is key, that’s for sure. What’s it like in the fashion industry? What brought you to this point?

Jenny: The fashion industry is certainly not as glamorous as most would imagine, but can be as beautiful, fun, and exciting as you make it to be. It is actually one of the most old-fashioned and traditional industries out there: how a piece of garment is designed, manufactured, marketed and retailed has not changed much since a long time ago. However, at our studio, we wanted to build upon it and create something different – something beautiful that will grow as our customers grow, and something that defines Mini Luxury for Our Generation.

After college, I worked in investment banking for two years in San Francisco. I loved my experience in banking, but my desire to pursue my long-term dream of creating something beautiful and on my own was even stronger. I moved to New York, and entered the fashion industry by working at a large fashion brand while taking classes at Parsons on the weekends to learn more about the technicalities of how a garment is created. I started working on building the Jenny Cheng brand since late 2013 (although most of my friends would say I started hatching the idea since my college days), and have since traveled to different countries to source fabrics, met many great entrepreneurs along the way, and went through cycles of product development and testing. Now we are getting ready for the launch this month, and we are super excited!

Wonderland Organics: We’re excited for you! Why don’t you give our readers a sneak peek behind a typical day of work? jenny-cheng-3

Jenny: Every morning, I start my day off with some fresh coffee and an avocado toast topped off with some olive oil and freshly ground peppers. Work then begins by formulating a to-do list for the day, and replying to some emails that require immediate attention. Some work project examples at this pre-launch stage include: working with local printers to design packaging for our dresses, setting up our inventory system, contacting fabric stores in New York to see if they have imported any new fabrics.

In the afternoon, I try to catch up with a friend over lunch and/or meet up with a business contact to talk about the different projects we are working on over coffee. Before dinner, I would put in a quick half hour work out. Post dinner, a few more hours of work is spent dealing with productions in Asia due to the time difference. Usually I would try to leave one hour before bedtime to do things non-work related (but that doesn’t always happen), and then it’s bedtime before midnight.

Wonderland Organics: The life of an entrepreneur is constantly busy! When does your brand launch? And where can we find your products?

Jenny: Jenny Cheng will launch mid-June (in less than a month woohoo!). You can find our products on We will be launching a few new products a week along with our weekly editorial – THE PAPER.

P.S. Join THE BETA now, and we will send you a secret code right before launch for some special surprises! jenny-cheng-2

Here are a few Instagram sneak peeks of our dresses. I’m the first to receive prototypes (perks of being the founder!); I model them and take some fun pictures with them when I am visiting different places or just sitting at a local coffee shop – follow our Instagram for more sneak peeks!

Wonderland Organics: We’ve been loving the shots on your Instagram! (And we’re definitely looking forward to the surprises in store). Do you have any advice for would-be entrepreneurs?

Jenny: My advice would be – nothing is impossible! We always dream about doing this one thing, and before we actually embark on the journey, it always seems so unattainable. But once you take the first step, you will realize that you’re on your dream path before you even know it. And when you look back after a little while, you will notice that you’ve connected more dots than you realized. Also, always be genuine and have a kind heart. There are many other important things in this world than the successes or failures of our start-ups. It’s certainly hard enough when we are bombarded with our own long to-do list, but it’s always important to never forget how you can make other people’s days brighter and more beautiful. I’ve learned along the way that amazing things happen to truly kind and genuine people!

Wonderland Organics: We love this! Inspiration and passion are definitely what drives us as entrepreneurs. What’s your favorite part of the Wonderland Organics blog?

Jenny: Intellectual, visually beautiful, and super fun – and most importantly, it’s built and curated by Alice Lin, who is super passionate about developing skincare products that are truly natural, organic, and great for your skin. The blog is not just about skincare, but the healthy lifestyle that surrounds great skincare. I always admire people who are pursuing their passion and creating amazing products. I am definitely following you, and I am also super excited for your product launch!

Thanks so much to Jenny for taking time out of her day! Come check out Jenny Cheng once it’s launched.

Readers, we hope that you love these interviews as much as we do! Have any inspiring people in your life? Feel free to reach out and tell us here at Wonderland Organics.

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