chamomileHow’s everyone doing? I know most are supremely thrilled to see Fridays each week. For today, I’d like to share something about hair color I accidentally discovered.

Who doesn’t like highlights? I’ve tried many different kinds of more natural fads to change up my hair color, including lemon juice and henna to highlight my hair. However, they didn’t really work for me. Imagine my skepticism when I read about using chamomile.

I thought it’d be interesting enough to try it at least once- so I did a chamomile rinse each week. After a few weeks, I noticed while blow-drying that my hair closer to my neck was actually incredibly red. I’ll let you know what happens if I try the rinse every day.

The details:

  1. Brew organic (or regular) chamomile tea
  2. Wait for it to cool
  3. Use cooled tea as a rinse after shampoo + conditioning

The best part is? You don’t even have to wash it out! However, you can after 3-5 minutes, just for the color to sit awhile longer. It made my hair smell amazing after, and it soothed my scalp as well. Here’s a bit more information about chamomile here:

Have a fantastic weekend readers!

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