sather-gate-berkeleyI hope that everyone had an enjoyable Memorial Day weekend!  Sometimes exercise doesn’t have to be a continuous cardio event– it encompasses an entire weekend instead.

Today, I’ll be going over a brief recap of our trip to Berkeley and SF. While visiting the familiar areas of UC Berkeley, a wave of nostalgia wafted over me– here were the benches I spent so much time with my friends, Sather Gate, home to many acapella performances, Memorial Glade, the Campanile standing majestically. Since finals were over, many students had already gone home: this meant that Berkeley was a much quieter place than the usual hubbub of crowds.


The weather was incredible: sun, a few clouds, and a beautiful blue sky. Visiting College Avenue meant walks around the cute and cozy Elmwood district. Of course, we had to stop by Ici: the flavors and tasty, handmade cones with chocolate at the bottom. Up on the foodie list was Great China, Corso Trattoria, Cafe Milano, and more.




To work up a sweat and enjoy a gorgeous view, we headed up to hike up to the Big C. It was a simple hike, about 15 big-c-berkeleyminutes– if we hadn’t gotten lost on the way there from the Foothill parking lot. Instead, we accidentally walked up the stairs and headed up to the Berkeley Laboratory. Luckily, the security guard was nice enough to point us in the right direction. That just meant more exercise, since the day seemed to be getting hot around 5 pm. After finally making it to the top (lots of cardio here and aching calves from the steep hills), we couldn’t help but gawk at this amazing view.

We heard that there were animals like dear that would come up to the big C, but the surprise was seeing a family of turkeys. They’re actually quite thin when you see them, but will puff themselves up if they feel threatened by creatures. After gazing at the turkeys for awhile, we headed back down the hill to safety. big-c-berkeley-turkey

After saying goodbye to Berkeley, we ended up at the Ferry Building in SF. I had only been there once before, so it was fun getting to sample the fantastic food that the stores had to offer. Walking around SF meant beautiful views of the city that I love.

To cap off the weekend, we walked around Ghirardelli Square, where samples from the chocolate factory were plentiful, and cute artisan shops of olive oil and wine were flowing with people. Traipsing along the water was the perfect end to the trip.


Tips: ferry-building-sf

  • Bring comfortable shoes for non-stop weekend walking
  • Wear sunglasses and hats
  • Wear long-sleeved but comfy clothes to shield the sun
  • Slather on sunscreen
  • Stay away from wild animals

How did everyone enjoy the weekend? Let us know in the comments below!