Wonderland Organics Facial Serums: Soothe, Sublime & Balance

Wonderland Organics Facial Serums: Soothe, Sublime & Balance

Photography has always been an area that we’ve loved, since “pictures speak a thousand words”. When we first started Wonderland Organics, we knew that we would need someone amazing to capture the essence of our company. When a friend introduced us to Danielle White Photography, we admired her talent, and asked her to do our product photography (and a fun shoot with our founder!)

Wonderland Organics: How did you get into photography?

Danielle White: At the beginning of last year (2013) I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, which meant I could no longer work in the dental field that I had loved for many years. I was looking for volunteer opportunities in the area to fill my time, and came across a professional photographer looking for an apprentice. I jumped at the chance. As a kid I was always pretending I was a big time photographer and got my first SLR camera when I was 14.


Founder Alice Lin in Wonderland

Wonderland Organics: We think it’s amazing you’ve turned a diagnosis into a new and extraordinary life direction. For our curious readers, what kind of lens and camera do you shoot with?

Danielle White: I shoot on an old Canon 5d that I bought used and a couple prime lenses- a 50mm 1.8 (leftover from my first SLR camera from 12+ years ago) and an 85mm 1.8.

Wonderland Organics: Your camera is amazing! What’s a sneak peek into a day at Danielle White Photography?

Danielle White: My day always starts with coffee!! After I’m sufficiently caffeinated, I catch up on photography blogs and artists (photographers, dancers, musicians, etc.) that inspire me on Facebook. I edit my shoots while listening to meditation music (My current favorite is the Asian Zen Spa Music) playlist I found on Spotify and burning incense. It gets me into the editing zone.

Facial Oil Samples

Facial Oil Samples

Wonderland Organics: We’re definitely with you on the caffeine. What’s your ideal photo shoot?

Danielle White: I like to call my style of photography “Organic Photography”. I love natural light and shoot where my clients are comfortable, including in their own yards or apartment complexes. I get a combination of traditional portraits, lifestyle details, and candid shots. It’s not a big production with me (just me and my camera), which makes professional shots within reach of anyone out there. I love a shoot where my client lets his or her personality shine- I love nothing more than to capture a real, crinkle-nosed, full on belly laugh- kids and adults alike!

Wonderland Organics: This was evident in the stunning photos you shot for us! Do you have any advice for entrepreneurs just starting out? 

Danielle White: It’s really important to work within your means, including time,

Blending in with nature

Blending in with nature

money, and space– it will force you to be creative in your learning and problem solving methods. I bought a used 12 mp full frame camera because it’s what I could afford. Most cell phones these days come with higher resolution cameras! It forced me to really learn my camera and settings to get the best quality.

I work with prime lenses, because they tend to be cheaper. This has forced me to think about the placement of my clients and where I stand and I how I move around them. I couldn’t afford fancy presets and actions for editing software, so I had to learn how to do everything from scratch. Of course, I drool over new cameras and lenses and have a giant wishlist, but I am thankful for my meager start, because it forced me to learn things that I wouldn’t have learned otherwise, which I feel makes me better at what I do.


Balance Serum in Wonderland

Wonderland Organics: Brilliant suggestions for the entrepreneurs out there! And last but not least, what’s your favorite part of the Wonderland Organics blog?

Danielle White: I love that the blog acknowledges that health is a mind, body, soul connection and gives tips and information on a wide range of healthy topics! Keep it up!

We love Danielle’s insightful answers to our interview– isn’t she amazing? If you’re looking to support local businesses (or if you’re based in the Bay Area), feel free to reach out to her at her website here!

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