Anne Marie Esposito, President of Sparklefly Candle Company

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Wonderland Organics: How did Sparklefly Candle Company start?

Anne Marie: I’ve always had a love affair with candles and scents. I feel that I live my life through scent; associating events, daily tasks and moods to the perfect aroma. I may celebrate with Sweet Orange Chili Pepper or relax with a good book to Lavender Heaven. So, after years of searching for that perfect candle to ride off with into the sunset and encountering some really great friendships and some really bad heartbreaks, I began studying the art of candle-making. It became my passion, my creative expression and my emotional outlet.

After 12 years, in 2011, with much support and encouragement to finally turn a dream into a reality, I formed Sparklefly Candle Company. Sparklefly Candle Company Inc. is a family owned business that thrives on the principles of teamwork, personal growth and meaningful relationships.

Wonderland Organics: We admire that you’ve gone after your dreams! Your candles are beautiful. What inspires you when you create your tumblers and candles?

Anne Marie: I try to find inspiration in everything I do.  It’s the backbone of my brand and something that I push myself to live by.  I am inspired by the process (the formulation, fragrances, colors, techniques), I am inspired by my family (support, love, willingness to dream) and I am inspired by my customers, friends and networks (joy, feedback, support, sense of community).  The product is just an expression, an end result to all of these factors.

Wonderland Organics: You’re quite an inspirational lady! What’s your best selling product?

Sparkelfly Ginger Lime Collection

Sparklefly Ginger Lime Collection

Anne Marie: My best selling product line would be my Sparkle Stones.  These handmade beauties provide a flameless alternative for those that are unable to or prefer not to light candles.  They can also be used as a decorative accent to create centerpieces and more.  People love them because they last for months, they don’t have to worry about a flame and they smell and look great.  Perfect for the office, teacher gift, bathrooms, or anywhere you would like to add a beautiful piece with flameless aroma.

Wonderland Organics: The Sparkle Stones are gorgeous: we know that we’re occasionally wary of using candles. What does a typical day look like at Sparklefly?

Anne Marie: I’m still working on that.  So far, not much is typical, even after 3 years in business, I am still just starting out.  You wear so many hats that you are often moving from one task to another in effort to keep up and keep moving forward. I will be ending a full time position this month and focusing on growing this business.  This is a VERY exciting time for me.  I’m currently putting together my plan for what that workday will look like come Tuesday.  WOOHOO!  Currently, I try to start my day as early as possible with a HUGE cup of coffee and tackle emails, order requests, social media posts, networking and anything else I can fit in before I go to work. I spend my lunch break doing the same and setting up production for new inventory, website updates, calls, design planning, research, webinars, more more coffee and networking. The evenings are spent with the family and kid’s bedtime is for production, packaging and shipping and sometimes more coffee. This is a family owned and run business so I incorporate my family into as much as possible so we can enjoy time together while helping each other. My children LOVE it, thank God, and they get just as much satisfaction from our successes as I do.

Wonderland Organics: That’s fantastic! We know as entrepreneurs it’s difficult to say that we have the same things to accomplish each day. Do you have any specials or sales?

Lilac Medium Sparkle Stones

Lilac Medium Sparkle Stones

Anne Marie: I wouldn’t necessarily describe my offers as sales.  I think it is more important to make EVERY purchase feel like you are getting something special.  If I am not offering my customers a complete experience, then why purchase from me at all.  However, I do have some “events” up my sleeve for the upcoming season including an End of Summer clearance.  Join my mailing list and you will always be in the know.

Wonderland OrganicsThat’s an excellent way of putting it! Do you have any advice for budding entrepreneurs?

Anne Marie: On the Sparklefly Candle blog, I write a lot of inspirational pieces, one of the pieces I wrote recently was about grabbing hold of your dreams.  It was an important piece to me personally.  As an entrepreneur, it’s so important to keep dreaming and creating your own magic, yet plant your feet firmly on the ground and develop something real.  You just have to find that balance. This is not the easy path, but it’s YOURS.  That what drives me.  In my opinion, the most important 3 questions to ask yourself and answer as honestly as possible, first and often throughout your career:

  1. “Are you willing to commit to working harder than you ever have before?”
  2. “Do you have the support of your family and loved ones, are they willing to allow you to work harder than you ever have before?”
  3. “Are you clear about who you are and what you represent and is that marketable?”

Stay positive and stay true to your voice.

Wonderland OrganicsThose are great questions that entrepreneurs starting out should ask themselves! It’s hard, and definitely not for everyone. But we wish the best of luck to our fellow entrepreneurs out there! What’s your favorite part of the Wonderland Organics blog?

Sparklefly Candle Company Lilac Votive Candle

Sparklefly Candle Company Lilac Votive Candle

Anne Marie: I love how you are introducing your followers to some wonderful bloggers and entrepreneurs that they may never had access to otherwise.  I L-O-V-E the Maker/Indie community and you are definitely giving them some love, my friend.

Thanks Anne Marie! Honestly, there’s nothing better than talking to a fellow woman entrepreneur.

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