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Founder, Alice Lin

Founder, Alice Lin

Hi everyone! I’m Alice, marketing associate turned skincare entrepreneur. I received a B.A. in Political Science from U.C. Berkeley, and fell down the rabbit hole into the natural skincare industry. I loves what I do each day: creating the best skincare products possible (with certified organic ingredients), for the most amazing customers. Wonderland Organics actually stemmed from my desire to find skincare products that would be perfect for sensitive skin. When I was working in Taiwan, my skin became terrible due to adjusting to a different climate.

After work, I would browse brands in department and drugstores to see which ingredients would work better. After a year, I had become familiar with these ingredients, especially after talking to skincare salespeople, and learning about the different types of products. In 2009, I also started research on the importance of organics in everyday lifestyles, from food to skincare. While devouring every article I could about the benefits of oils and essential oils, I tested carrier oils on myself to see if there was any truth to the hype. To my surprise, ingredients such as organic coconut oil and argan oil helped soothe skin immensely.

While learning all about natural beauty, I fell in love with the industry. Many of my friends and family were intrigued by this research, and asked my opinion about brands and products. I then became determined to do more market research and see about starting my own company. I took skincare classes and a GMP course immediately upon moving back to California to ensure the safety of the products. Always thrilled to learn more about the skin, I graduated from the Academy of Salon Professionals in 2016 as a licensed esthetician.

Of course, none of this would be possible without the many customers that have helped to support this business along the way! Thank you so much for believing in an amazing new skincare line.

Love, Alice


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Wonderland Organics Product Line

“I like to call this serum liquid sunshine, mainly because of its golden color, but also because it contains organic seabuckthorn CO2, which is full of vitamin C. You can use it anytime, day or night, to soothe your skin and give it an extra boost of moisture. This incredibly gentle serum also has a very natural, mild scent.”- Blogger Stuff I Love

“It’s been challenging for me to find the right product for my sensitive and irritated skin type. I’m happy to say that the balance serum has effectively soothed and reduced the appearance of my blemishes without drying my skin out. I’ve been applying this gentle treatment daily for a month and the results are outstanding!” –Patricia L

“The Balance Serum is so soothing and calming. When I apply it, it feels so luxurious and sinks in so quickly. I also love the earthy scent that transports me to blissful adventures amongst Mother Nature and the depth of her bounty. And your Indulge Lotion!! I often have trouble finding body lotions that do not irritate my sensitive skin, but your Indulge Lotion is so moisturizing, nourishing, and refreshing!! I can feel it soothing my skin when I apply it. And I love the soft, subtle scent of rose, geranium, lavender, and vanilla – it reminds me of basking in the sun as a soft breeze kisses my cheeks and the scent lingers from a wildflower field in the near distance.” –Green beauty blogger Blissed Out Beauty

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