Konjac Sponges

Cleanser, Konjac Sponges, & Lotion: our mini spa night

Is exfoliation a part of your skincare routine? Since it’s healthy to exfoliate about once a week to remove dead cells, we were on the hunt for a calming facial exfoliator. We love trying out salt and sugar scrubs for our lips and skin, but never found a product that was be gentle enough for the sensitive skin on our face. In the past, we looked into the Clarisonic (does anyone use this?), St. Ives apricot scrubs (when we were teenagers), and Clean & Clear Morning Burst Facial Scrub (unfortunately, this contains the plastic microbeads).

When we had the chance to move to Taiwan in 2010, we were extremely excited about living in a new country, especially for the opportunity to learn about skincare brands. One of the best things about living in Asia was the plethora of beauty products- we remember obsessing over Skin Food and the many amazing Korean and Japanese brands that were available.

So what was the product that we went crazy over? Our favorite exfoliator was the konjac sponge. This sponge is made from vegetable fibers, and is meant to help with cleansing. In 2011, a family member brought home a few of these spongy products, citing that it was a new product from Japan.  We admit, it looked strange at first, slightly comparable to sponges that we had lying around in the sink. The only difference seemed to be that the konjac sponge was round instead of rectangular. However, after using it once a week up until 2015, we felt that our skin looked brighter, more refreshed, and without that irritating redness we would get from other exfoliators. We loved how gentle the sponge was, and how perfect it was for sensitive skin. So how do you use it?

Bamboo & Aloe Konjac Sponges

Bamboo & Aloe Konjac Sponges


  • Wet the konjac sponge
  • Add a dime-sized amount of cleanser to the konjac sponge
  • Gently massage all over your face
  • Rinse off with tap water
  • Clean the sponge with castile soap, squeezing out any excess water
  • Let your konjac sponge dry (using a soap dish works wonderfully)

The two that we picked up here are bamboo and aloe sponges! How do konjac sponges work? They help to break down dirt, cleanse pores, and remove grime naturally.

Have you tried using a konjac sponge? What’s your favorite brand?