Wonderland Organics Product Line

Wonderland Organics Product Line

At Wonderland Organics, our products are handmade in small batches, ensuring that the product you receive is as fresh as possible. We store finished products in a cool place, which helps extend its shelf life up to the point that you receive and use your facial oil or lotion.

Safety is important to you when it comes to skincare, so we send out our products to an independent lab for testing, to be in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

No matter if you have dry, normal, oily, combination, or mature skin, you can be sure that you will find a product that is specially formulated for your skin type. You want great skincare products that are safe for you and your family, with sustainable ingredients that don’t harm our environment, so we’ve selected only the best natural, organic, and wildharvested ingredients.

You love products that do not support animal testing, and you can feel secure in moisturizing your skin with our vegan line.  If you find that you often develop sensitivity issues from synthetic fragrances, you can trust that our products made with organic essential oils will work well for your skin without an overpowering scent.

It has been commonly perceived that oils are bad for your skin: it’s only been recent years that research has shown to prove that using oils will actually make you less oily. By using the synergistic mix of oils that we have created, you’ll find that your face will be properly balanced. We’ve chosen organic oils like jojoba and sunflower, because they are extremely similar to our skin’s sebum. If you’re interested in learning more about our ingredients, be sure to stop by our ingredient page for more information!

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“I tried both oils right away, and they are both great! I like the lightweight texture of the Balancing for summer (more humid weather). The heavier texture of Sublime is perfect for drier days. The weather has been so crazy here (up and down) that I have been able to use both. But the Sublime is the one I am using more right now. I like how the oils are not too heavy. This allows me to use it on top of or under a moisturizer without worrying about clogging. They also absorb easily and do not make me look shiny (a big plus). I also appreciate that you packaged the oil with a pump. It makes it SO much easier to dispense and it keeps the bottle cleaner. I really do prefer the pump over a dropper. The pump is easy to control for amount. If I want only a small amount, it’s easy to pump out a small amount. I don’t have to worry about the oil squirting out too hard 🙂 The completely dark bottle is also great.” -Skincare Blogger Just About Skin

“I’ve been trying Soothe serum and Balance serum for weeks. I have a combination skin type. After 2 weeks of using these serums, I’ve seen noticeable improvement on my skin. They are so natural that I even let my teenage daughter use them. Both of us love these products!”- Joann, Customer

“This lotion screams spring! The aroma of roses takes my senses to a botanical garden that is not too overbearing. The lotion absorbs quickly and did not leave my skin feeling too greasy.  I love multipurpose  lotions, not only was it great for my body, but my face as well. The lotion did not irritate my face, but left it feeling soft with ingredient oils such as rosehip and jojoba (for those with sensitive skin please test a small patch on the face for irritation). Overall, a sweet treat to bring in the spring season.”- Green beauty blogger Clean Beauty Craze

Interested in trying out our natural products? We know that you’ll love them as much as we do. To purchase samples, use coupon code “samples” for 10% off and free shipping here!