Founder Alice Lin

Founder, Alice Lin

“What’s in a name?” I wanted a brand name that would convey the unique qualities that mine had to offer: whimsical, dreamy, and adventurous. I was named for Lewis Carroll’s book, and absolutely loved the fantastical world that Alice in Wonderland lived in. As a result, Wonderland Organics was born.

My philosophy is to provide the cleanest skincare line for those who have sensitive skin, and to create natural moisturizers with synergistic raw materials. I looked all over for the best, organic and fair-trade ingredients when possible. Wonderland Organics’ commitment to the environment continues to the packaging: I use recyclable violet glass bottles, which also protect our products from sunlight and oxidation. At Wonderland Organics, I offer natural skincare products with fresh and sustainable ingredients which are tailored to sensitive skin. To find out more about my line, be sure to check it out here.  

I hope that Wonderland Organics products will make your skin feel as amazing as the queen (or king) of hearts that you are!

Wonderland Organics sampler kit

Wonderland Organics sampler kit

Testimonials: “I’m a big fan of rose and this light, but seriously hydrating serum has a spicy rose scent that I’m absolutely adoring!  I’ve been using this for a several weeks now and have to say that it’s one serum that I have no problem putting right before my makeup because it super light and it absorbs so, so quickly.  This serum will become your new everyday.  With jojoba oil, pomegranate oil, argan, tamanu, seabuckthorn, geranium and more, it has all of the top healing and moisturizing ingredients, plus, Alice is an absolute sweetheart, so you just know it’s infused with the best energy.” –Green beauty blogger The Green Product Junkie 

“This smells and feels like spring and summer with notes of floral and vanilla sweetness!  The Indulge lotion is absolutely seasonally appropriate but I can still see myself wearing this during the winter since I adore the consistency so much.  This is a lightweight almost gel-like lotion that is cooling on the skin and fast absorbent.  I initially used this lotion as a facial moisturizer even though I have acne-prone skin.  This worked so well on my skin and I did not have any new spots or any adverse reaction to this product as a facial moisturizer.  In fact, it went extremely well under my makeup.  It moisturizes without sitting on top of my skin.  Instead, it sinks in and allows me to have supple skin as a great base for whatever I put on afterwards.” –Green beauty blogger Clean Curator 

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