We’re kicking off the summer season with rejuvenating treatments for every skin type. Today on the blog, we’re giving an overview of the types of skin types so you can assess which type you have and focus on what you need to do to help reduce the appearance of aging.

Normal Skin – If your pores are small, your skin appears smooth, has a nice glow to it and is balanced between not too dry and not too oily, then you likely have normal skin. The purpose of anti-aging treatments with normal skin is to preserve the normalcy of the skin as long as possible. Avoid harsh chemicals that may lead to skin sensitivity, and be sure to use products with antioxidants like vitamin C and E to keep skin protected from free radicals.

Oily Skin – Oily skin typically has an oily sheen, enlarged pores, blackheads and/or pimples.  For oily skin types, serums can be preferred over heavier creams. Look for serums with vitamin C, as this powerful antioxidant goes to work on help brighten dull skin.  (Remember too that vitamin C is water-soluble, meaning that it will not stay in your bloodstream too long). Retinol is a great ingredient to use because it prevents pores from getting clogged from dead skin cells sticking to the skin’s surface. Vitamin B3, or niacinamide can also be used to improve skin’s elasticity while reducing the appearance of blotchy skin.

Combination Skin – This is when skin appears to be a combination of normal or dry in some areas and oily in others, such as across the forehead, nose and chin. You may need to use different products in the different regions of your skin: moisturizing for dry areas and products that absorb oil while avoiding clogged pores in the oily or acne prone areas of your face. Our Wonderland Organics Balance Serum is perfect for combination skin types: find it here.

Dry Skin – Dry skin types have pores that are almost invisible and a complexion that is dull, dry, rough and flaky. Fine lines and wrinkles really stand out with dry skin. Moisturizing is key for dry, aging skin. Look for serums and thick, moisturizing creams that contain peptides and collagen boosters, as these can hydrate deeper levels of skin, pushing them up and giving the skin a more plump appearance which naturally reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles. For dry skin, we recommend products that contain hyaluronic acid.

Sensitive Skin – Sensitive skin has red or inflamed patches, can easily react to certain ingredients in skin care products, and can be itchy and dry. The key is to find gentle products that cleanse, tone and moisturize without causing a reaction. Avoid alpha hydroxy acids (AHA’s) as these can burn already sensitive skin. If you choose to use AHA’s, make sure to apply them at night since they tend to make your skin more photosensitive during the day. For sensitive skin types, look for products with herbal extracts and floral waters, and essential oils such as geranium or neroli.

Tailoring your skin care products to your specific skin type will help you reach your goals of a more youthful appearance. Since summertime is officially here, remember to apply sunscreen all over your face and body and to use UPF hats for the ultimate sun and skin protection! What are your favorite treatment products to use for rejuvenation? Let us know in the comments below!