facialoilsSince we’ve been old enough to be interested in beauty, we’ve been bombarded with ads telling us that “oil-free” is the only way to go for oily-prone skin. I know I must have bought at least 20 different kinds of primers, moisturizers and serums, hoping that this would finally be the one. After I started to use oils on my skin, I needed a week of detoxifying from the lack of chemical-based products. For those of you who have never tried facial oils before, you will most likely need that detox period as well!

What’s the beauty about oils? Many oils are actually incredibly close to the sebum of our skin, which makes them beautiful to use, and still let our skin soak in the powers that be of the oils.

Argan Oil

For example, Argan oil has been a full-on craze for the last few years. Personally, it’s a bit oily for my taste (I have oily/combination skin), which is quite troublesome. If your skin type is like mine, this is what I like to do:

  • Add a bit of organic argan oil to my shampoo
  • Use a dime-sized drop of argan oil and massage into my scalp- simply shampoo it out after 30 minutes or so
  • Put argan oil on my ends after showering
  • Use a single drop on my face before bedtime

Even for those of you who have beautiful skin already, just a bit of oil will do– it goes a long way. Stay tuned for more oil posts!


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