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by Linda on
Soothing Relief

I'm a huge fan of the Soothe Serum. I live in a hot, dry city (Phoenix, Arizona) and I'm a one step routine kind of girl. Soothe does the job and absorbs quickly, which is awesome, as I'm not big of that oily skin look. It also smells great and the dispenser locks conveniently for travel.

by Michelle F. on
Game changer

I have incredibly sensitive skin which means that there are few products I can actually use without irritating my skin. Wonderland Organics is perfect for me because it is made up of all natural, purely organic contents, which really does make a difference. Plus, I've noticed that it doesn't only cover up/temporarily remove the problem areas (which is usually what happens with other products, and they appear once again when you stop using the product), Wonderland Organics products truly eradicate the root of the problem to make your skin definitively healthier! I've only been using W.O. serums for 2 months, and already the difference is amazing!

by Jennifer on
Amazing Product!

Nowadays there are so many skincare products out there that claim to have all these benefits so it can be hard to know which one to trust or use. Wonderland Organics is definitely a brand you can trust. After trying out the balancing serum for combination skin (the green bottle) I immediately saw positive results the next few days. I was surprised that my skin was softer and nicer. Also it definitely helped clear up my blemishes more effectively and faster than any other skin products I've tried. Highly recommended! (Plus it's organic! Doesn't really get better than that)

by Sarah on

I tried out one of their products for combination skin. My face instantly felt softer and cleaner! It was very refreshing. Definitely something I would recommend.

by Joann Y on

I've been trying soothe serum and balance serum for weeks. I have a combination skin type. After 2 weeks of using these serums, I've seen noticeable improvement on my skin. They are so natural that I even let my teenage daughter use them. Both of us love these products!

by Mina Han on
Balance Serum

I have terrible combination skin: super oily T-zone and the rest of my face is super dry/peely. But the Balance Serum worked immediately for me (upon first application): my skin was oil-free, matte, and moisturized. I wanted to make sure that it would continue to work before I wrote this review so I've been using it for about a month now, but now I can assure you that it does. This is a great product and a smart investment. Try it and you'll be so happy that you did!

by Chloe on
Wonderfully Balanced

I've tried the Balance Serum for combination skin and I think its wonderful! It smells like a dream! Its a very natural smell and is a nice change from the chemical smelling lotions from drugstores. It moisturizes with out leaving my skin oily. Try it! You won't regret it.

by James T on
Works wonders!

I have been using Wonderland's products for the past few weeks and it has made a noticeable difference in my skin complexion. The Balance Serum goes on nice and is absorbed into my skin fast without leaving too much of a oily residue. It also has this great herbal, citrus scent that when applied, it makes my wife love me even more. I would for sure recommend this product to anyone that wants a better skin regimen!

by Rosa on
Love the products!

I love how gentle and soothing the serums are! I have oily combination skin and using the sublime serums has helped a lot. I would definitely recommend these products to close friends and family! 🙂

by Tory L on
Balance Serum

smooth and gentle serums! I absolutely love the light scent of the oils to give my face a rejuvenated look after a long day. It is really gentle too and hasn't caused any breakouts for my sensitive combination skin.

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