milktea2In the spirit of the upcoming weekend, I structure the TGIF posts as special ones that may not fit into the other categories.

What’s one of the best drinks ever? If you know me personally, it’s all about the milk tea. This luscious drink was invented in Taiwan during the 1980s. It’s traditionally made with creamer, black, oolong or green tea, and tapioca pearls. For more information, come read a bit more from Wikipedia here.

In more recent years, milk tea companies have started using whole or skim milk instead of creamer, which is slightly healthier. When I was in Asia, stores would let you customize your drinks: 100%, 60%, 30%, 0% sugar, and you could choose to add ice or not. (Ding Tea in Ximending is amazing, as is TenRen at Eslite Xinyi)

When I moved back to California, I realized that milk tea places like Cafe Lattea (located in Cupertino) and Half & Half (located in Southern California) were adapting Taiwan’s new customizations. I love getting the rose milk tea with 30 or 60% at Cafe Lattea- it has a perfect scent, yet not too floral. Since Cafe 85 has just opened up in the South Bay, I’ve been dying to see if their milk tea is the same consistency as its Taiwanese counterparts.

What’s everyone’s favorite milk tea places? Does creamer or milk bring out the flavor of the drink? Have a great weekend!

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